Recommended Items
Jewelries, watches
We have many varieties of accessories made out of one of the best kind like pearls of red corals and pearl oysters from Kochi prefecture and “Dancing Stone ®” which has a patent as a ‘Shaking Diamond’.
There are popular wristwatch models like CITIZEN and SEIKO and CASIO lined up at the watch section. Please have a look at the selected made-in-Japan products which are devoted by the workers with their heart and skill.
Electric Appliances
Japanese electric appliances have the highest rating in the world because of its design, functionality and durability.
It is perfect for any souvenier or gift, but can also be utilized in your household for everyday use.

We have numbers of products from exclusive cosmetics brands such as Shiseido, SKⅡ, and Kose to reasonable facial masks. Set products for gift are also available.
Please feel free to ask our staffs.
Traditional suits shop “Kent House” is a high quality suit brand for gentlemen and has only three shops in Tokyo. Needless to say, it is the first shop as a duty free shop. It thoroughly focuses on quality using Zenga fabric. Also there are women’s cloth brands of domestic and foreign like “BALMAIN”, and new models fit for each season are ready.

Household and Daily Use Items
There are made-in-Japan kitchen items like workable knives. We have also Household and Daily use items such as water bottles, baby products, comfortable towels, blankets and backpacks.
Drugs and Health foods
Drugs and health foods are proved under Japanese strict production basis. This is why drugs and health foods are chosen as the most reliable in the world.
We have varieties of products, which give you pleasure, not only for your personal use but also for souvenirs

Traditional Crafts Products
Please look at the products which you can purchase only in Japan.
You will see and feel the skill of the Japanese Workers Products with beauty of clay, wood, metal, and other varieties of materials.
There are snacks with popular characters on and varieties of tea selections. Japan-limited products and green tea flavored snacks are popular as well.