Maruya Tax Free Shop and Osaka Sightseeing Guide
Osaka is a city filled with hospitality and empathy which has a lot of things to see, food to eat, and places to have fun. We will introduce highly recommended sightseeing places for those who visit Osaka.

Osaka where the history,
tradition and culture still lives

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is one of the three greatest castles in Japan and was built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1583.
Huge and solemn building shows Osaka of former days was flourished as a center of politics, economics, and culture.
The present castle tower is the third was built in 1931.

Umeda Sky Building (Floating Garden Observatory)

It is a floating observatory which is on the top of Umeda Sky building that is a”pair of skyscrapers connected in midair”
The 40 story building gives you 360-degree panoramic views of Osaka from 173 meters high.

Tsutenkaku, Sinsekai

Sinsekai has lots of entertainment buildings and restaurants and flourished as a amusement place for everyone.
Tsutenkaku used to be the highest tower in Asia as of 1912 and is a symbol of nostalgic town called “New Worls (Shinsekai)”

Shitennoji (Temple)

It is one of the Seven Great Japanese Temples was built by Shoutoku Taishi. It was rebuilt after WW2, but Ishi no torii (stone torii) is designated as an important cultural asset.


One of the busiest districts representing Osaka.
It is a popular spot has a main area in the South of Dotonbori river where you can enjoy walking along the garish and moving signboards.
You cannot miss the huge Glico (Japanese snack company) signboard from Sakai Bridge.

Osaka Cent. Public Hall

It attracts you by the sight of red brick wall and bronze dome roof in Nakanoshima area which has many buildings built in Meiji and Taisho era. It is an important cultural asset.

Full of excitement!

Maruya Tax Free Shop

The tax free shop is operated by Japanese company.
We welcome you with many varieties of items in the large floor and staffs who can speak foreign languages and have hospitality called “Omotenashi”

Abeno Harukas

It is the highest skyscraper, 300 meters high, in Japan.
You can enjoy the 360-degree panoramic views of Osaka and father city Kobe from the observatory on top of it called “Harukas 300”

Grand Front Osaka

It was opened as a large multi-functional facility in April 2013. It is popular as a large commercial facilities and will satisfied you with your demand like cool fashion and gourmet.

Shinsaibashi Shopping Street

It is one of the longest shopping street in Shinsaibashi which is stretching from Namba to North.
It is a symbol of commercial city Osaka from long ago which has shops along.
World luxury brand shops are gathered on a part of Midosuji near Shinsaibashi


It is located on the west of the representative street Midosuji and a dispatched place of youth culture.
This town started with old‐clothes stores in warehouses and old buildings is now the area which has full of fashion and information for mainly young people.

Nihonbashi Denden Town

It used to be a wholesale district and is now popular as a shopping street with household electrical appliances shops.
It is called “Otaku (Geek) Road”, since there are so many shops for geeks, and it is popular among nerds.

There is a lot of enjoyable spots
for both adults and children.

Universal Studio Japan®

It is a theme park for both adults and children that has excited rides and famous character shows designed from blockbuster movies from Hollywood

Kaiyukan (Aquarium)

One of the world’s largest aquarium “Kaiyukan” is located on Tenpozan Osaka.
You can see world’s largest fish whale shark and varieties of real sea animals.
It is healing, impressive, and popular spot which you never get bored during whole day.

Hep Five (Ferris wheel)

The large Ferris wheel has appeared in center of Umeda Osaka.You can experience walking in the sky about 15 min for 1 round.Once you get on, you will see overwhelming view around it and feel like you get out of the reality life reasonably.

Water Cruise

Osaka has been called city of water since long ago.
The cruise ship make a tour of Dotonbori River which you enjoy watching the city Minami Osaka from the river.

Tennoji Zoo

The city type of zoo Tennoji Zoo was opened in 1915 and has been a popular spot between Abeno Harukas and Sinsekai.

Banpakukoen (Expo’70 Commemorative Park)

It was constructed on the remained site of the Expo held in Japan 1970.
There is a monument called “Taiyo no To (Tower of the Sun)” which tells the history of that time and it is recommended to visit National Museum of Ethnology and Shizenbunkaen (Natural Culture Garden) to feel Japanese culture.

Please feel Japanese hospitality and security.

4Here in Osaka satisfied you with sightseeing and shopping.
There is a number of hotels like superior and high cost performance.

In Osaka, they spend all their money on food!
Full of delicious foods for common people.

4Osaka used to be called “the kitchen of the country”, gathered tons of fresh food from the whole country, flourished as a area of managing national economics and logistics, and influenced a lot the food culture.
Now you can still enjoy varieties of Japanese food such as Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, and Udon in Dotonbori, Kushikatsu in Sinsekai, and Tempura, Sushi, Sukiyaki, and Shabushabu. Travelers can never be bored.